John Bourton is our Finance Coordinator

Patricia Chering is our Bookkeeper


We aim to be honest and efficient with the money which people give to the Church for its ministries. Full accounts are therefore available for every year. These are presented at our Annual General Meeting.



We encourage every Church Member to give regularly for God's ministry here. We suggest that members tithe, a tenth, of their income to God's work. We also suggest that people pray about giving extra offerings for specific purposes as God directs.


The work of this church is completely dependent on offerings. The church, in turn, supports the operation of the Westbourne Park Family Centre. Though the latter is also financed by grants and charitable giving.


We also therefore encourage people to use Gift Aid to make their giving more tax-efficient. When you sign a Gift Aid form the government will add to your offering the tax which you have paid on that money.

Additional Information

We also employ Patricia Chering as our book-keeper.


Financial Stewardship

God wants you to be a good steward of what he has given to you. So we are putting on a new course to help you be wise in your management of your finances.



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