Reaching Out

Felicia Adeleye

Felicia Adeleye is our Events Coordinator. She helps run all the community and outreach events in our church.

We want to build a feeling of community in our big city context. We want to do this using contemporary culture and art.


We run trips - social and spiritual. We hold discussions on contemporary issue. We also organise larger events to reach out more widely in our community.


Good Friday and Easter

Together with local churches we do a Good Friday March through the streets. During the events we put on street theatre and hold a final act of worship together. We hope to reverse the secularisation of our cityscape by taking our faith to the streets in a dynamic way using the arts.


Sunday Special

A chilled-out and relaxed café-style evening of cool vibes and positive messages for the community.


Westbourne Community Festival

This is a celebration of the local community. All the ethnic groups and neighbourhood organizations will be represented, and so will WPBC because we are part of the community and want to share our faith in Jesus with everyone!

Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill Carnival is the biggest street festival in Europe. Between 1-2 million people descend on our streets every August Bank Holiday for a street party of music and art. There is also a dark side – drink, drugs and violent crime. So we want to represent Jesus on the streets and offer hope to people. We aim to deliver a culturally relevant gospel on the streets of West London.


Ongoing Events

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