Jim BartonJim Barton is our Discipleship Coordinator.
We believe that it is important for every Christian to take personal responsibility for ensuring that they grow spiritually - in our relationship with God, in our understanding of the faith and in our life of obedient service.


We therefore offer regular training and educational opportunities for people to plug in to.


The Foundations of Christian Living

At the moment we are holding a course on Christian Foundations on Sunday mornings at 9.15am before our morning service.

This course is based on Bob Gordon’s book - The Foundations of Christian Living


Foundations of Christian Living

The Alpha Course

We also run the Alpha course regularly for those who want to find out more about the Christian faith – whether for the first time or as a refresher.


Contact David Mahon for more details, or click here to visit Alpha UK.

Alpha Course

Course Offerings

Help with Finances

During the current economic downturn, many people will experience problems with money management, debt, employment, accommodation. We want to help you with these issues.

God wants you to be a good steward of what he has given to you. So we are putting on a new course to help you be wise in your management of your finances.



The Finance Course will begin soon. For details please contact the church office.


Church Conference

Each year we also have a weekend Church Conference away. Details will follow later for 2011