London Cityscape

Urban Mission

Westbourne Park Baptist Church is located in the inner city of West London.


We are committed to reaching out into this densely populated area, meeting social needs through our Family Centre as well as proclaiming a relevant Gospel message to the city.


London Urban Theology Project

Our Pastor Steve Latham is also running a research project to encourage reflection on mission in London: London Urban Theology Project.

He also runs training courses to help local Christians and Churches reflect on, prepare for, and plan their mission in their own local urban context.

Additional Information

For further information about our Urban Mission Ministry or if you want to help, contact Steve Latham

Andrew Davey is the Urban Affairs guy for the Church of England. He has a useful blog with resources for urban mission.


Eric Dunlow is a national urban networker, on behalf of the Evangelical Coalition for Urban Mission and Methodist Church.

See their useful site.


Calvary Chapel South, led by Efrem Buckle, run a wonderful outreach using street culture to the 'urban' music scene.


The Community Mission team at Liveability, led by John Kuhrt, are also an important resource for urban mission people in London.



Urban Church

Steve Latham & Michael Eastman [Eds.], Urban Church. A practitioners' resource book

[SPCK, 2004]



Obtainable from Evangelical Coalition for Urban Mission
Tel: +44(0) 20 7729 6262