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He's Got the Whole World...

Sure, you might remember the words to the song, but what does it say to you?

We are all His children, one family, one world...many people, many communities.


But what exactly is community? Is it just a place where people live? Perhaps it's a group of people that share a common interest or set of goals? Maybe it's the people you interact with on a regular basis.


Where Does the Church Fit In?

Our mission follows the message of God’s Kingdom. God is building a radical counter-cultural community, which presents an alternative to this world-system of abusive power, big money, celebrity fame and distorted sexuality. At the same time His love and spirit within us compels us to reach out in our wider community in loving action


However big or small the community is, we've got a fairly simple approach, based on the two main commandments given by Jesus himself.

Love God, Love People


What Can I Do?


At Westbourne Park Baptist Church, we're intimately involved in our community and we can always use an extra hand..or two.


Check our our Ministries page or the Westbourne Park Family Centre to find out where you can get involved.

Urban Mission

Crowd from Above

Our mission field isn't just in some far away land. Urban dwellers, like the 8+ million in London need to hear the Gospel as well. Click the button to find out more about connecting through Urban Mission.

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