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Church Vision

To advance the kingdom of God through words and actions.

Love God - Love People

Mission Statement

God has called us to be a multi-racial Cell Church in North West Inner London which will:

  • Seek the presence of God through prayer, intercession and fasting.
  • Worship God in ways that are creative, culturally relevant and Spirit led.
  • Equip and support believers in fulfilling their calling in the Church & the world.
  • Proclaim the gospel, multiplying cells and planting congregations.
  • Serve the community through specialised social ministries.


Half-full or Half-empty?


How do you see the glass? Do you see the world in the same way?

Learn to see the world and its people through Gods eyes and it won't matter. You'll love the glass all the same!


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Live the Life


We want you to enjoy being a follower of Jesus Christ! It isn't always easy. So we lay on a variety of courses to help you live the life.


Discipleship - growth in the Christian life

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Financial Stewardship

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Bereavement - dealing with experiences of loss


Healthy Lifestyle - help with eating healthily, physical exercise and positive attitudes


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