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We believe that God has called us to be a Cell Church. This means that we come together to meet in small groups, known as Cell Groups, as well as meeting with the full congregation.


Cell Church is not just about a mid week meeting. It is about living as a Christian Community together and sharing our lives with each other. The focus of this is a weekly meeting, at which Cell members can share together, worship together, apply God's word together and pray together. Cell members are encouraged to allow this sharing and caring to reach into the rest of the week and to their family, friends, neighbours and colleagues, demonstrating community life. Cell members can support each other in reaching to their friends and family, and drawing people to God's family.


What is a Cell Group?

Cell Groups are small groups that meet weekly to help each grow in their spiritual lives. We also try to reach out with Christ’s love to our friends and the local community. Most Cells meet in the homes of Church members and are therefore great opportunities to make friends.


As a member of Westbourne Park Baptist Church, it is vital to be part of a Cell Group as the groups are the focus for pastoral care in the church.


We have cell groups on Tuesday evening, and  Wednesday morning, afternoon, & evening. We are constantly changing and starting new Cells. To get up-to-date times & locations, or for additional details contact the church office or email us.

Behind the scenes

For further information about our Cell Groups or if you want to join one, contact: Elizabeth Welch
Cell Notes
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We are connected to Cell UK. This is a national ministry devoted to supporting Cell Churches in the UK.

Cell UK


Cell Notes & other information

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